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Are you interested in adopting a pet from Rescue organization? We have all of the information you need to make the process go smoothly and quickly so that you can bring home your new family member! Just Contact Us for more info.

Adoptable Pets

Visit the Rescues webpage and view what is currently available for adoption. Please note that the rescue should be licensed in your State. We will be posting a list of current rescues in the near future.

Adoption Preparation

Are you wondering how you can make your adoption day go off without a hitch? Check out these tips for preparing to adopt an animal so that you can be sure you'll be matched with the perfect animal for you in the perfect situation. These tips range from the supplies you need to how you can interact with the animals upon your visit.

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Donate to the future of the MidWest Canine Rescue Society today to help brighten a dogs future tomorrow.